Speech & Language Play Group

Join us for our Speech & Language Play Group held every other month at the Chestnut Hill Library. These groups are led by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and designed to provide structured, play-based activities that target speech, language, and motor skills. As a parent participant, you will learn how to assist your child in transitioning through developmental milestones. Whether you're wondering if your child could benefit from speech therapy services or if your child is soaring through the milestones, these groups will help improve your child's speech, language, and motor development. This group is meant to be FUN and educational!

You and your child will:

  • learn speech sound developmental norms and how to produce appropriate speech sounds

  • improve concept development

  • work on turn-taking skills

  • increase vocabulary skills

  • become a stronger teacher/student team

  • improve social skills

Group FAQs:

Who is the group for?

  • These groups are for any child age 6 months - 5 years with or without a delay

Where and when are the groups held?

  • Join us on the first Thursday of the ODD months (i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) at the Chestnut Hill Library @ 10:30. Contact me via phone or e-mail for more information regarding group days and times.


Do I have to sign up?

  • Registration is not required at this time.


How long is it?

  • The group will run for 30-45 minutes depending on children's age/attention level. Parents will have access to the speech-language pathologist for 15 minutes at the end of group to ask any questions or discuss your concerns.


What's the cost?

  • FREE

Why choose group sessions vs. individual therapy?

  • Children with speech and language delays benefit from individual speech/language therapy. However, parents may have several reasons for not choosing individual services for their child. This group is a perfect way to address specific speech and language skills without having to obtain an evaluation, bill insurance, and/or contact the local early intervention system. Groups can be more cost effective and appropriate for families who have children with borderline delayed speech and language skills. If your child has a delay in speech or language, please contact me to schedule a free screening.

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